Can Copywriting go concurrently with Design and Programming?

Created: 03 Jun 2019 Author: Rupash Pratap Category: Copywriting

Our years of web design experience has allowed us to fine tune and streamline the Web Content Creation Process. We believe in confirming the website content before embarking on the design stage for the following reasons:

  • Changes to the sitemap

Changes to the site map require corresponding design changes. If the sitemap has not been confirmed during copywriting or prior to design, significant redesigns would lead to considerable delays in the design process.

  • Images and designs will be based on the content

Our designers propose designs and images based on the content of the website. Without the content as a guide, the design process will take twice as long.

Once the IDEAS DOCUMENT has been approved, the design phase can commence before FINAL COPY approval, to speed up the process and prevent any unnecessary delays.

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