What do I need to prepare for a typical eCommerce website?

For a typical eCommerce website, you will require to prepare these details:

  • Sitemap and content for each web page
  • Logo of your company
  • Questionnaire from our company
  • Product Details, for example, price, stock level (qty), description, product photo(s), etc.
  • MailChimp API code, refer to https://createform.com/support/mailchimp-api
  • The shipping charge/s for the order delivery
  • The minimum order required for free shipping, if any
  • PayPal details, like account email address, API username, API password, API Signature
  • Email address for receiving the order and receiving the enquiry from the contact us page


Fun Fact about Verz Design:

Verz Design is your trusted Magento Developer in Singapore. We are approved by IMDA as one of the Pre-Approved PSG ecommerce web solution providers.

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