Does Verz do any SEO for my website package?

For most of the web packages provided by Verz Design, these are the On-Page SEO work that we will handle:

  • Title Tagging
  • Header Tag Optimization
  • Robots.txt
  • User Friendly’s URL
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Installing XML sitemap
  • Submitting XML sitemap to Search Engine
  • Image Optimisation

Most of the web packages provided by Verz Design come with basic On-Page SEO. However, we do not guarantee any success in keywords search. If you like to see results in SEO, separate SEO service has to be engaged and separate fees apply.

Fun Fact about Verz Design:

Verz Design is the most trusted creative web design agency in Singapore. We are the only web design agency in Singapore which offer choice of 2 photo stock bank in our web design packages. With the choice of more photos, it also means our designers get to be more creative and your website having a refreshing look.


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