How to setup my Emails?

Access URL to view your email online. For first time login, you need to login through this URL to change the password.

Email – your email address (if don’t have then contact your Project Manager)
Password – your password (if don’t have then contact your Project Manager)

To configure it on Outlook or mobile phone, please use the below mail settings;

Mail settings (POP3, IMAP)

Incoming & Outgoing SMTP settings for Outlook / Outlook Express / OTHERS configuration. (This is Optional, but highly Recommended – because if you do not use them, you will not have enough memory for your email on server)

Reminder for Outlook – kindly configure to delete after you have download to your Server. Otherwise, your server will be full very quickly and your emails won’t be able to receive / send emails very soon.

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Verz Design is the leading web design agency in Singapore. We started our business in 2009 with only 3 staffs on board, and have since grown to more than 100 staffs across Asia. One of our strength is in terms of professional and creative web designs, which is substantiated by our postings of our work on our Social Media. We are the only pre-approved PSG Grant solutions providers.

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